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Tractor Q&A

I have received emails from some tractor restorers needing some help that I can't answer.

I'm sure they would appreciate any help you might offer.

Dale Watkins

Larry, Do you know where I could find a diagram of the hand and foot throttle linkage for the 2010? When I move the hand throttle to full counter-clock wise position, the RPM does not slow down. Seems as if a tension spring is broken or missing; but I can't seem to locate the problem. - Thanks for any help, Dale Watkins.

Steve Stroyan

Mornin, I have a 62 and need some power steering parts, brake pads and power adjust rims. These seem to be hard to come buy. Do you have any suggestions as to where a fella could find such animals. - Thanks Steve

Len Pugh

Larry, First off, just want to say that you have done a fine job on restoring that 2010. Next.. I was hoping you may be able to help me. I have a 2010 Industrial that I need to trailer and move. I have no idea what the tractor may weigh, and I already have a 7,000lb equipment trailer??? Do you know what the weight on one of these tractors is? Granted mine is an industrial and I have a bucket, but I figure I can compensate for that if I knew a base weight. Any help would be great. - Thanks, Len Pugh Dover, Delaware

Kevin Oprana

Hello Larry, I'm trying to find some information on John Deere D, R, A and AR(?) prices. Do you know what these models go for? Or do you know of any web pages to look for such prices. - Thanks, Kevin

Ray Harmuth

I'm restoring one here in Pittsburgh, PA. I need some parts. Can you help? Where did you go to get parts? I need the entire generator assembly, the last guy put an alternator on it. And I need an entire wiring harness, he liked to cut and add wires and I would like to make mine original. Any ideas? - Ray Harmuth

Daniel Maxey

Hello Larry! My name is Dan. I Have recently aquired what I believe to be a 1962 Gasoline John Deere 2010. I have been performing some maintenance on it. I have run into a snag. I finally figured out that the transmittion and hydraulics share fluids, and that the rearend has two separate cavities for gear oil, but I am yet to determine exactly how to drain, fill, and check the PTO. I would deeply appreciate any info you could provide on this subject. - Thank You, Daniel T. Maxey

If you need help just email me and I'll post your problem on this page.

If I have your problem posted and you get the help you need, just email me and I'll take it down.

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